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What can I say? I'm so pleased that you've come here. I've spent 5 years blogging, more than that building websites and have been writing "professionally" since 2003. I'm here to help writers with their writing, encourage people through this life, and point them to Jesus. That's the most important thing. So stay tuned. Check this site regularly as "some of the features" may change. I'll need help from time to time, because I'm not perfect. If you're perfect, please go to another site. I'm pretty sure you won't fit in here.

Unbalanced Scales

I'm sure everyone in the U.S. already knows that we are in danger. The problem is that so much of the rhetoric and the old rules are just antagonizing things.

For instance, only weeks ago all the media could do was talk about going over a fiscal cliff. Now, however, that cliff seems to have disappeared and they are talking about spending ceilings. I don't know about you, but this tells me that the people in Washington (D.C) don't know what they're talking about.

Then comes the IRS looming on the horizon. It's hard enough to get around with their hands in our pockets year round, but they expect an extra-special bonus via our Income Tax. We've been gritting our teeth and baring this for years, but now it's becoming harder and harder to find the forms to fill out, even if you can understand them, so you can send them in and pay that tax. I'm of the inclination that if they want my money they should come and fill out all the forms and make it easy. I'm not one of these people who expect freebies. It's just that the founding fathers didn't get paid, and if they did it was by their district, and probably in feed or livestock. I say we go back to that. You want to get out of our $15 trillion debt, then stop paying the people who aren't listening to us when we say, "No taxes."

I know, that's idealistic, but this country was built on ideals, and hard work made it work. That is until the government decided to pay for those who didn't want to work. Take a good idea and present it to Congress or the Senate and the first thing they do is appoint a special task force to investigate the problem. Oh, and all those tax problems we face, they do not face. How'd that happen. Whatever happened to "We the People..?"

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August CFRB Tour

Okay, this may seem a little self-serving, but I'm not about to skip over the book I wrote just because I wrote it. I'll freely admit there are some problems with the editing, but the story content is fascinating. If you like a mystery you'll love The 3rd Covenant.

Nat Adams is a character I'd been toying around with since the early 1970s. Initially he was supposed to be a comic book hero. Later, in the 80s I was working with Marc Burns on a book called The Red Sash, which, unfortunately, we were unable to complete. However, this bulk of this work provided a history for Nat as well as brought with him his own cast of characters; David Ng, Peter Chen, and most importantly David's sister who later becomes Nat's wife, Susan. Nat is both a NYPD detective working homicide out of the 5th Precinct as well as a Christian. He has problems with his Christianity. He's not perfect, but he keeps working at it.

May K. Wish was a new addition because I wanted to play around with the name. I also needed someone to keep Nat quiet enough so I could tell the story. Consequently May is an agnostic and works as a crime scene investigator. They are first partnered together in this adventure that begins with the bayonet slaying of a Catholic priest.

Our principle characters following the different leads they have end up chasing the same man, an ex-convict who calls himself "The Bishop". He has, in fact, started his own religion called The Church of the 3rd Covenant. The people in this new religion he uses to reach his own deadly goals.

You'll find forensics, police procedure, serious talk, comic relief, and a number of interesting spiritual truths, explained, but not pushed. We follow the ups and downs of this adventure through some amazing twists. In fact I wasn't sure how the book was going to end until 2 weeks before I finished the rough draft.

The 3rd Covenant was nominated by Deadly Ink for the David G. Sasher, Sr. Award for Best Mystery Novel of 2006. During the Summer quarter I was the featured author for the WhoDoneIt online magazine out of California, by Starr Reina. I'm currently putting the finishing touches on the 2nd Adams/Wish novel.

To learn more about me and my writing you can go HERE.

You'll find it on sale at the following locations:

From the Heart of David (needs to be updated)
Barnes & Noble

Enjoy a mystery today. Start with The 3rd Covenant.

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