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Unbalanced Scales

I'm sure everyone in the U.S. already knows that we are in danger. The problem is that so much of the rhetoric and the old rules are just antagonizing things.

For instance, only weeks ago all the media could do was talk about going over a fiscal cliff. Now, however, that cliff seems to have disappeared and they are talking about spending ceilings. I don't know about you, but this tells me that the people in Washington (D.C) don't know what they're talking about.

Then comes the IRS looming on the horizon. It's hard enough to get around with their hands in our pockets year round, but they expect an extra-special bonus via our Income Tax. We've been gritting our teeth and baring this for years, but now it's becoming harder and harder to find the forms to fill out, even if you can understand them, so you can send them in and pay that tax. I'm of the inclination that if they want my money they should come and fill out all the forms and make it easy. I'm not one of these people who expect freebies. It's just that the founding fathers didn't get paid, and if they did it was by their district, and probably in feed or livestock. I say we go back to that. You want to get out of our $15 trillion debt, then stop paying the people who aren't listening to us when we say, "No taxes."

I know, that's idealistic, but this country was built on ideals, and hard work made it work. That is until the government decided to pay for those who didn't want to work. Take a good idea and present it to Congress or the Senate and the first thing they do is appoint a special task force to investigate the problem. Oh, and all those tax problems we face, they do not face. How'd that happen. Whatever happened to "We the People..?"

Monday, March 29, 2010

Beware the Hutaree

Tragically there is a Christian militia group in the northern Midwest called the Hutaree. The FBI have arrested I believe 9 people in connection with a conspiracy to commit murder and have placed them under intense scrutiny. So what is the Hutaree you ask? They are an endtimes self appointed group of people who are fulfilling prophecy, not by providing a violent opposition to any who oppose Christians, but by being false teachers. "And that because of false brethren unawares brought in, who came in privily to spy out our liberty which we have in Christ Jesus, that they might bring us into bondage:" (Galatians 2:4)

How can I say that with such boldness and surety? That's easy. Jesus told us to love one another, not to set up battle plans. Yes, we are to arm ourselves with the whole armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-18), but if you read this you will see that "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." (Ephesians 6:12) The sword the Hutaree speak about is the Sword of the Spirit, not a sword that can be levied against any person. We are to love them. In fact in 1st John 4:7,8 we read, "Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God and everyone who loveth is born of God, and knoweth God. He that loveth not, knoweth not God for God is love."

I could go on and on focusing on this point alone. The way we crush our enemies is through love, not through force, not through violence. Look at your calendars. It changes from BC to AD because Jesus was willing to love so deeply He died for us. He tells us to follow His example. So if He, who is Lord of Hosts, had the angels of Heaven at His command and did not call upon them, what makes these Hutaree think they have the right? These are false prophets, false teachers, leading away, if possible, even the elect of God.

But there is still more sorrow that comes with this. The world has been growing more and more hostile towards Christians. We have been told that would happen too, but we aren't suppose to aggravate the situation. We aren't supposed to go out and make them hate us. We are to show them the path of love. You watch. Obama, other political figures and talking heads, are going to start really blasting away at, not the Hutaree, but all Christians in general. They haven't learn to separate truth from fiction. You'd think they'd be able to do this, but you have to remember, most of them are blindly following the Prince of Darkness. They are loyal to him, whether they realize it or not. So Satan will take this violent, heretical sect and turn society against Christians.

While I'm on that subject, what do you think the point is in these "Tea Parties"? As much as I really like Sarah Palin, I have to disagree with these tea parties. We are allowing ourselves to be drawn out of the spiritual battle into a physical battle. And here is the interesting thing. If we stay in the spiritual battle and follow the Lord we are assured victory, even if it is through death. If we enter into physical battles we are almost certain to lose. Oh we may not lose our salvation, but we will certainly lose our voice in the community, our own peace and joy, and will watch our families driven apart by schisms. This war we are in is not a political conflict. It looks like one. Smells like one. Has all the trappings of one, but I refer you back to Ephesians 6:12. We are in a great spiritual war, and unless we begin to realize this and unite in Jesus we are going to see a lot more harm than we have already seen. I say this not as a prophet, but as an observer of people and student of God's Word. Judge for yourselves whether or not we should take up war against people, or whether we should "Love our neighbor as ourselves." I'm not the judge, but Jesus, My Lord is. You answer to Him. We all must answer to Him. It would be better to be found in Him, joining together as One Body, than to be cast away because His Word is not in us.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


The Truth About the Health Care Bills - Michael Connelly, Ret. Constitutional Attorney

Well, I have done it! I have read the entire text of proposed House Bill 3200: The Affordable Health Care Choices Act of 2009. I studied it with particular emphasis from my area of expertise, constitutional law. I was frankly concerned that parts of the proposed law that were being discussed might be unconstitutional.. What I found was far worse than what I had heard or expected.

To begin with, much of what has been said about the law and its implications is in fact true, despite what the Democrats and the media are saying. The law does provide for rationing of health care, particularly where senior citizens and other classes of citizens are involved, free health care for illegal immigrants, free abortion services, and probably forced participation in abortions by members of the medical profession.

The Bill will also eventually force private insurance companies out of business, and put everyone into a government run system. All decisions about personal health care will ultimately be made by federal bureaucrats, and most of them will not be health care professionals. Hospital admissions, payments to physicians, and allocations of necessary medical devices will be strictly controlled by the government.

However, as scary as all of that is, it just scratches the surface. In fact, I have concluded that this legislation really has no intention of providing affordable health care choices. Instead it is a convenient cover for the most massive transfer of power to the Executive Branch of government that has ever occurred, or even been contemplated. If this law or a similar one is adopted,
major portions of the Constitution of the United States will effectively have been destroyed.

The first thing to go will be the masterfully crafted balance of power between the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of the U.S. Government. The Congress will be transferring to the Obama Administration authority in a number of different areas over the lives of the American people, and the businesses they own.

The irony is that the Congress doesn't have any authority to legislate in most of those areas to begin with! I defy anyone to read the text of the U.S. Constitution and find any authority granted to the members of Congress to regulate health care.

This legislation also provides for access, by the appointees of the Obama administration, of all of your personal healthcare information -- a direct violation of the specific provisions of the 4th Amendment to the Constitutio-- your personal financial information, and the information of your employer, physician, and hospital. All of this is a protection against unreasonable searches and seizures. You can also forget about the right to privacy. That will have been legislated into oblivion regardless of what the 3rd and 4th Amendments may provide.

If you decide not to have healthcare insurance, or if you have private insurance that is not deemed acceptable to the Health Choices Administrator appointed by Obama, there will be a tax imposed on you. It is called a tax instead of a fine because of the intent to avoid application of the due process clause of the 5th Amendment . However, that doesn't work because since there is nothing in the law that allows you to contest or appeal the imposition of the tax, it is definitely depriving someone of property without the due process of law..

So, there are three of those pesky amendments that the far left hate so much, out the original ten in the Bill of Rights, that are effectively nullified by this law
It doesn't stop there though.

The 9th Amendment that provides
: The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people;

The 10th Amendment states
: The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are preserved to the States respectively, or to the people. Under the provisions of this piece of Congressional handiwork neither the people nor the states are going to have any rights or powers at all in many areas that once were theirs to control.

I could write many more pages about this legislation, but I think you get the idea. This is not about health care; it is about seizing power and limiting rights. Article 6 of the Constitution requires the members of both houses of Congress to "be bound by oath or affirmation to support the Constitution." If I were a member of Congress, I would not be able to vote for this legislation or anything like it, without feeling I was violating that sacred oath or affirmation. If I voted for it anyway, I would hope the American people would hold me accountable.

For those who might doubt the nature of this threat, I suggest they consult the source, the US Constitution, and Bill of Rights . There you can see exactly what we are about to have taken from us.

Michael Connelly

Retired attorney,
Constitutional Law Instructor
Carrollton , Texas

You may think it strange that I include this post here, but where else am I to post it so the American People can see the truth? Pray, and pray hard. Speak up and may God grant us such mercy as to keep this Bill from passing. - David Brollier

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Raven's Ladder and Lady Carliss (and the Waters of Moorue)

This week the news from Random House (WaterBrook/Multnomah) is the tour of two fantasy adventures, Raven's Ladder, by Jeffery Overstreet and Lady Carliss: and the Waters of Moorue. I got behind and was not able to finish reading either book, but they come with the same quality you can expect from Random House.

Here’s a summary of Raven’s Ladder, by Jeffrey Overstreet

Following the beacon of Auralia’s colors and the footsteps of a mysterious dream-creature, King Cal-raven has discovered a destination for his weary crowd of refugees. It’s a city only imagined in legendary tales. And it gives him hope to establish New Abascar. But when Cal-raven is waylaid by fortune hunters, his people become vulnerable to a danger more powerful than the prowling beastmen––House Bel Amica. In this oceanside kingdom of wealth, enchantment, and beauty, deceitful Seers are all too eager to ensnare House Abascar’s wandering throng. Even worse, the Bel Amicans have discovered Auralia’s colors, and are twisting a language of faith into a lie of corruption and control. If there is any hope for the people of Abascar, it lies in the courage of Cyndere, daughter of Bel Amica’s queen; the strength of Jordam the beastman; and the fiery gifts of the ale boy, who is devising a rescue for prisoners of the savage Cent Regus beastmen.
As his faith suffers one devastating blow after another, Cal-raven’s journey is a perilous climb from despair to a faint gleam of hope––the vision he sees in Auralia’s colors.

Purchase your copy at Random House today.

Just click on the words "Random House".

Here’s a summary of Lady Carliss and the Waters of Moorue, by Chuck Black

Determined, smart and a master of both the sword and the bow, Lady Carliss has proven herself as a veteran Knight of the Prince. Returning from a mission of aid, Carliss is plunged into adventure once again as she searches for the marauders responsible for kidnapping a friends’ family. Along the way she is reunited with Sir Dalton and discovers that the struggle in her heart is far from over. When Dalton falls to the vicious attack of a mysterious, poisonous creature, Carliss finds herself in a race against time. As Dalton clings perilously to life, she must find the antidote in the distant and strange city of Moorue . While there, Carliss uncovers the master plot of a powerful Shadow Warrior that will soon overtake the entire Kingdom. Her faith in the Prince and her courage as a knight are tested as she faces evil Shadow Warriors and a swamp full of dreadful creatures. The lives of many, including Dalton ’s, depend on Carliss. But she cannot save them all, for time is running out. She faces an impossible choice: save Dalton, or let him die so that others may live.

Although I haven't read Lady Carliss yet I have read Sir Bently and was quite impressed with his storytelling techniques, his ability to bring charm, color, action into a book that teaches as it tells. If you have some youngsters around you'll want to get this series.

You can purchase Lady Carliss at Random House right here.

Just click on the words "Random House".

Or you can click on the banner at the top of this post and go straight to Random House.

Due to new Federal Trade Commission rules, it’s important that you include the following disclaimer on each blog tour review from now on: This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.

(To me this may be construed as a violation of the freedom of speech, nevertheless I did receive my copies from Random House in order to do a review. I have been unable to do so, but when I finish those books look for reviews of these books, not because the law says so or because I am compelled to do so because I received these books freely, but because I believe in doing what is right. As an author myself I have been turned away at tours for one reason or another. I then started the Christian Fiction Review Blog to give authors who have been overlooked a chance at touring their works. I look for quality, not just at CFRB, but in my personal reading)

Monday, March 8, 2010

ONE SMOOTH STONE, by Marcia Lee Laycock

Time again for another CFRB book review. The Christian Fiction Review Blog is reviewing ONE SMOOTH STONE, by Marcia Lee Laycock this week and I have the honor of not only doing the CFRB reviews, but also writing the first review of the tour on my own site.


Alex Donnelly knows all about running. He's running from his past pain, from the police, and from God. Raised in an abusive foster home, Alex is angry at the world and tries to bury his pain by hiding out in the far north, near Dawson City Yukon.

But then one day a lawyer shows up on his doorstep and tells him he has inherited a sum of money. Sceptical, yet intrigued, Alex returns to his birth city to find answers to questions about his parents and his past.

What he finds is a young woman who seems to understand him too well, and a secret that causes him to run again.

But God goes before him and sets up a few more divine appointments, including an attack by Grizzly bear.

This book proves that no matter how far you run, God will find you; and no matter what you have done, God will forgive you.

My Review:

Most people are used to a particular kind of review from me, well, we'll see if that continues to hold true. I found ONE SMOOTH STONE, by Marcia Lee Laycock to be an excellent book. The story flows nicely and the characters are generally realistic. There were a few times when they seemed to be doing things out of character, but by and large they are very realistic. Some may have problems with relating to some of the characters because you may, like me, have had a really good upbringing and some of the characters here have not. Marcia is very successful in capturing the pain and heartbreak that some of these characters went through. Alex Donnelly is one hard case, but as we read on we find he's constantly fighting a battle within himself. The pain and abuse he felt growing up has created more walls of pain and heartache to keep others from getting in. The thing is he didn't count on God. While it is impossible to break down the walls that we build up, especially people like Alex, it is never impossible for God.

There are several things that come across loud and clear in this book. First, you can't run from God and His love. He will chase you to the very edge of Hell itself to draw you to Himself and a life of love in Him. Second, is that while we may feel all alone in our struggles we aren't alone at all. Others have and are going through the same things we are. Realizing this can be a useful key to unlocking the doors to our hearts and letting the "Wall-breaker" come in and heal our hurt. Third, the story talks about a love unlike any other love, for the love of God is pure and beyond measure.

This is quite an excellent book on many levels and I encourage you to get a copy for yourself (and others you know and love). Some people just tell stories, others, like Marcia Lee Laycock, tell parables. You may ask, "What's the difference?" The difference is that the former is just for entertainment, while the latter, although quite entertaining as well, teaches us things about ourselves, about those around us, and most of all about God. You must not miss this book.

Be sure to visit her website HERE

To purchase a copy you can go to any of the following online sites:

Castle Quay Books (Canada)


Barnes & Noble

Be sure to visit the following sites to read more about ONE SMOOTH STONE:


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